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Yarbrough Transfer boasts a fleet of over 50 tractors from Freightliner and Mack.

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Yarbrough Transfer Company Fleet Upgrade

Our latest addition, the Freightliner Coronado® SD is a rugged, powerful and versatile truck, able to haul heavy equipment on the highway, across severe terrain, down a mountain, around hairpin curves and more.  The severe-duty version of the Coronado highway tractor has a beefed-up cab and other components designed specifically for hauling heavy loads on and off-highway.

YTC Coronado Trucks | Yarbrough Transfer Company

The Coronado SD is a traditionally styled Class 8 model that can be ordered with big-bore Detroit and Cummins diesels rated up to 600 horsepower, forward or setback steer axles rated up to 20,000 pounds, rear tandems up to 70,000 pounds, and lift axles rated at up to 20,000 pounds.

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