Yarbrough Transfer Environmental Policy

Certified EPA SmartWay® Transport Partner

Smartway Transport Partner | Yarbrough Transfer Company
Yarbrough Transfer Company is a Certified EPA Smartway Transport Partner. SmartWay is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program that helps businesses create more sustainable supply chains by moving freight in the cleanest most fuel-efficient ways possible. Since 2004, SmartWay partners have saved 120.7 million barrels of oil, cut fuel costs by $16.8 billion and eliminated 51.6 million metric tons of CO2.

At Yarbrough Transfer Company, we strive to make a low impact on the environment by reducing our levels of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and improving fuel efficiency.

Achieving these goals also helps us to pass the savings on to our customers. To achieve our goals of environmentally conscious transportation operations, we have implemented fuel efficient equipment and have implemented programs for our drivers that incentivize fuel efficient driving habits. We are constantly seeking new ways to decrease the environmental impact of our operations through the improvement of fleet fuel efficiency.

For more information on Yarbrough Transfer’s Certified EPA Smartway Transport partnership, please give us a call at 336-725-7552 or toll-free at 800-334-0160. Learn how to put our environmentally friendly heavy hauling and specialized transportation service capabilities to work for you.